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Permanent Make-up Training and

Microblading Courses

in Bellingham, Washington

To start your permanent make-up and microblading training in Bellingham, Washington, you will need a Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate.


Theory Curriculum – 35 total hours

1.  The Skin, Anatomy and Physiology:

  1. Layers of the skin.
  2. Functions of the skin.
  3. Understanding the exfoliation process.
  4. Skin disorders.
  5. The blood/tissue fluid/lymph system.
  6. Skeletal and muscular system.


2.  Sterilization and Sanitation:

  1. State and County Health Department regulations.
  2. OSHA and CDC (Center for Disease Control).
  3. Sterilization and cross contamination — blood-borne pathogens.


3.  Machine Technology:

  1. Knowing and understanding the different machines used in permanent cosmetics.
  2. What is digital?


4.  Techniques and Needle Groups:

  1. Handling the skin.
  2. Anesthetics used in permanent cosmetics.
  3. Proper need selections.
  4. Eyebrow, eyeliner and lip procedures.
    1. Proper application and depth of implantation.
    2. Preferred needle groups.


5.  Color Theory:

  1. The color wheel.
  2. Mixing colors.
  3. Choosing the correct color using our color system.
  4. Color undertones and overtones.
  5. Color retention.
  6. Pigment bases.
  7. Color removal.


6.  Design and Enhancing:

  1. The right brow shape.
  2. Making a thin lip look fuller.
  3. Correcting an uneven lip.
  4. Lash enhancement or eyeliner.


One-Hour Theory Exam (Must answer 75% of questions correctly to pass.)


Permanent Make-up Courses and
Microblading Training
in Bellingham, Washington
Practical Curriculum – 65 total hours

1.  Treatment Room Set-up:

  1. Supplies needed.
  2. Professionalism.


2.  The Consultation and Client Concerns:

  1. Complete portfolio including medical forms, questionnaire and all release forms.
  2. Facial diagrams to clarify areas, technique and colors used.
  3. After care instructions.
  4. Before and after photos.


3.  Documenting Your Work:

  1. Using the proper consent forms and procedure release forms.
  2. How to chart your clients.
  3. Insurance issues.


4.  State and Local Legislation:

  1. Liability insurance.
  2. Before starting practice on live model, Styles Academy will help student to obtain a Permanent Make-up license from the state of Washington.


5.  How to Market Your Business


One-Hour Practical Exam (Must answer 75% of questions correctly to pass.)



We Provide:

  • Models for a minimum of 6 (six) procedures.
  • All legal forms (consent, medical, release, etc.) need to get started.
  • Liability insurance information with an A+ company.
  • Graduation "Certificate of Completion" diploma from Styles Academy.
  • Ongoing support for all our graduates.
  • Continuing and advanced education throughout the year.


NOTE: How you apply yourself as a student has an important role in the process. If you are attentive and eager, your earning potential is high!


Tuition for 100 class hours in
Permanent Make-up Training and
Microblading Courses
in Bellingham, Washington: $5,500.00

Included with course:

1.  Three workbooks:

  1. Pre-study workbook.
  2. Class workbook.
  3. Color theory book (includes mixing and color formulas made easy).

2.  40-hour pre-study materials.

3.  Permanent make-up rotary machine.

4.  Needles and supplies to complete 10 procedures.

5.  Set of 10 of the most popular colors.

6.  Class supplies carrying case packed with extra work supplies.

7.  All supplies needed during class.

8.  Models for a minimum of 6 hands-on procedures.

A savings of over $1,200 included in class.
School will offer financial aid

You will have enough supplies to get you started in your exciting new career. No other supplies are needed unless you desire to purchase additional colors or needles.


Terms of Payment

  • A $100 (non-refundable) deposit for the Training Fee is due with registration, which should be reserved in advance to your class date. At this time your workbooks and all pre-study materials will be sent to you. Course books are on a first come, first serve basis, so book early to reserved your preferred dates.
  • Balance of Training Fee is due 3 weeks prior to class date.
  • Methods of payment: Cash, Check, Visa or MasterCard.


Course Dates are:

  • Courses start the first of each month and last 3 months.
  • Classes are 3 days per week, based on student's schedule.
  • Holidays: 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas.


What to Bring

Your course fee includes 100 hours of instruction in Permanent Make-up Training and Microblading Courses in Bellingham, Washington, including pre-study. All needles, pigments, gloves and supplies that you will require for your training schedule will be at your disposal during class.

Before beginning the course, student must have a Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate.

  • MODELS – While models are provided by the school, you can use a friend or relative if pre-arranged with the office. All procedures are totally supervised by an instructor who will recognize your strengths and weaknesses long before any practical work has begun. If you are hesitant because you feel that a mistake in class is permanent, then put aside your fears.
  • CAMERA – Yes, bring along a camera (camera should have a macro feature for close-up shots). This is the start of your portfolio and we encourage you to take as many pictures as you like. Remember, if you do not have a good camera, we will be taking photos and you will receive a CD with all photos.
  • LAB COAT – A lab coat is mandatory, so please be sure to put it on your list and bring it along packed with enthusiasm. We also carry a few nice coats that you can purchase at class.
  • LUNCHES – The school is conveniently set-up with a refrigerator, microwave oven and tableware. You can have your lunch each day right in our lunch room for your convenience.


Termination / Refund Policy:

  1. An applicant not accepted by Styles Academy shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid to the school.
  2. If a student or guardian (in case of an underage student) cancels his/her enrollment within three business days after signing the contract prior to entering class, the following condition must be met in order for the student to receive a full refund.
    1. A written notice mailed and postmarked within the three day rule must be submitted to the school administration; OR
    2. A written notice delivered in person to the school administrator within three business days of enrollment.

In the event of dispute over timely notice, the burden of proof rests on the applicant.

   3.  If the student cancels his/her contract after the three day period, but prior to entering classes, all monies except a cancellation fee of $250.00 will be returned.

   4.  The cost of the tool kit/textbooks and supplies become the property of the student when issued.

   5.  Once scheduled classes have commenced, the student is responsible for the cost of the program.

   6.  If Styles Academy is permanently closed and/or no longer offers instruction after the student enrolled, the student shall be entitled to appropriate refund of tuition.

   7.  If a course is canceled subsequent to a student’s enrollment, but prior to the first day of class, Styles Academy shall at its option:

Provide a full refund of all applicable monies paid; or

          a. Provide completion of the course.

Students may be terminated for violations of school rules, poor attendance, improper conduct, or failure to maintain satisfactory progress.


Course Completion and Designated Time Period:

Student agrees to complete the aforementioned Permanent Make-up Course and Microblading Training in Bellingham, Washington within a period of 3 months. For any missing classes or failed exams a make up day will be arranged.

Students are allowed to have only 1 make up day for missed class or failed exam unless there is a good reason for absence.

Styles Academy reserves the right to terminate this contract and enrollment at any time for violations of school regulations. Student agrees to maintain the highest standards of professional, ethical and moral conduct during the coursework of Permanent Make-up or Microblading at the school. Student will release Styles Academy from any and all responsibility with respect to loss or damage to any of personal property and any personal injuries sustained during the courses of Permanent Make-up or Microblading in Bellingham, Washington.

Student acknowledges that upon signing the application contract that Styles Academy does not in any way guarantee employment upon graduation.

The school will assist students in an employment search such as employment bulletin boards and resume writing; however the school does not guarantee employment.


Alcohol and Drugs:

Styles Academy LLC prides itself in maintaining a drug and alcohol free environment. To further this goal, all illegal drugs, controlled substances without a proper prescription and/or alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on or around the school premises and/or its facilities. Students determined by a staff member to have consumed or appearing to be under the influence of, or distributing such drugs or alcohol, or arriving on the school premises under the influence of drugs or alcohol maybe subject to an onsite drug and/or alcohol testing. Students also agree to randomize drug testing. Disciplinary actions may result if such tests are found to be positive; such disciplinary actions may include, but is not limited to suspension and/or termination from the program. Refusal of drug and/or alcohol tests may result in immediate suspension and/or termination from the program. Prescription medication or over-the counter medications that may affect the overall functioning of the student must be reported to the instructor or staff member prior to any training session. The instructor’s office maintains files and resources related to drug/alcohol counseling or assistance and may be provided if requested.


Note: The length of time student records are maintained will be 50 years.


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